I will respect rights & dignity of others.

"Respect is having an open mind and appreciating everything that makes us unique individuals."

Ananth  Varma
Senior, Applied Math

"Education depends profoundly on respect: the teacher’s respect for the student’s intelligence, the student’s respect for the teacher’s knowledge, and the respect of both for the accumulated efforts of all the ancestors that have brought us here together in a place of learning."

Robert Watson
Professor of English
Associate Vice-Provost for Educational Innovation


"If you look up at people, you will be preoccupied with following the lines on their forehead. If you look down at people, you will be sensing the lump in their throats. If you look eye-to-eye, you have achieved respect and sincere communication.  The choice of which direction to look is up to you."

Anne Liu
Junior, Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics



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