I will conduct myself with integrity in my dealings with & on behalf of the University.

“Moving beyond the ordinary, into the realm of the extraordinary, requires dedication, perseverance, and above all, integrity and an inclusive, humane view in the way we live our lives, in the way we choose to do our work, and the way we reach out to others.”

Janina Montero
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs


"To act with integrity is to honor the commitments that we make to our students, to our teachers, to our colleagues and to our friends. It is a central component of our lives at the university and a goal and practice that we must all share."

Muriel McClendon
Associate Professor of History
Chair, European Studies IDP


"To display integrity is to act with complete sincerity in every aspect of one’s life, for it is only when we are genuine in our hearts and in our minds that we become true teachers, true friends, and true Bruins."

Justin Kei
Sophomore, Neuroscience


“Integrity is being honest; honest to yourself, to your friends and family, and to your school.”

Lulu Acevedo
Senior, Sociology


“Integrity is adhering to my own set of morals and ethical principles, as well as the values and standards that UCLA has set for me as a student.  Knowing that I’m adhering to these morals allows me to feel proud of my academic accomplishments.”

Jamilla Jamison
Graduate Student
M.Ed., Student Affairs



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