I will conscientiously strive for excellence in my work.


"Excellence is a value we share and a product of our lives in the university. We strive for excellence by committing our intelligence, creativity and energy to achieving quality in our scholarship, and in our relationships with students, staff, faculty and our community."

Robin Garrell
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry


"Excellence is striving for and accomplishing one’s goals through determination and hard work. It involves doing your best, overcoming obstacles, and finding ways to improve upon your previous achievements."

Vic Alonzo
Senior, History


"Excellence is rejecting complacency, kindling inspiration, and fostering dynamism."

Bank Chantaruchirakorn, ‘07
Math Economics & Psychology
Designer of the True Bruin logo


"Excellence entails overcoming all obstacles and surpassing expectations to be the best you can be. It involves actively seeking greatness and always aiming to improve. Through determination, perseverance, and a positive attitude, we should strive to excel in all aspects of life."

Alice Lee
Senior, Chemical Engineering



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