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As a vibrant, diverse community, UCLA offers each of us a singular experience based on the highest standards of excellence and integrity. Every part of UCLA life embodies the core values of our campus. We take pride in our diversity, our unparalleled programs and services, our world-class faculty and the beauty of our campus. This pride is at the heart of what it means to be a True Bruin.

  • True Bruins conduct themselves with integrity, understanding that the quality of our UCLA experience reflects the quality of our work and service to the community.

  • True Bruins strive for excellence in all that they do, in both work and service.

  • True Bruins maintain accountability for their conduct and commitments. When they face adversity, they reflect thoughtfully and make ethical choices.

  • True Bruins respect the rights and dignity of others. They listen carefully, communicate clearly and remain open to diverse perspectives.

  • True Bruins are leaders on campus and in the community. They make a positive impact on the world through public service.

This True Bruin website provides information about these values, as well as resources available to help you show your Bruin pride. I encourage you to explore the site and to check back regularly for additions.

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